hands holding a framed canvas work of art

 "When I Was A Child"

a fusion of solitude, playfulness, and creativity.

 These works showcase rich tones with subtle pops of color, asymmetrical shapes, and loose drawings on a mixed-media palette. As a child, I spent countless hours on creative endeavors, finding solace and happiness in the process. Whether I was making art, playing dress-up, singing tunes out my bedroom window (off-key) from "Jem and the Holograms", plunking on the piano, or twirling around like the ballerina I was told I'd never be, I loved the feeling of escaping into my own little world. Even when I was “grounded”, I turned my bedroom into a magical space for limitless imagination and creativity. In the words of my grade, one teacher, “She's often in her own little world”. Inspired by my childhood creativity, I'm excited to launch this new collection that embodies the same spirit of playful solitude. 


All canvas pieces have a varnish applied to protect against UV damage, moisture, and dust. All original works are signed and titled on the back. 

Colors may vary slightly. Images have been enhanced to accurately reflect their original appearance in natural lighting.
Please allow for a 2-3 day turnaround as each frame is manually assembled per purchase.
All sales are final.


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