working with other artists, designers, and business owners is rewarding in itself. This is an inspiring adventure to curate pieces while joining forces in complementing your vision and brand.

elle box X christina sicoli for International Women’s Day • vancouver, bc

free the box


For International Women’s Day (2018), I collaborated with Elle Box, now Blume who is “setting a new standard for skin, body and period care.” Free the Box is meant to honour and recognize the most absorbent part of the body- the Vagina. Through illustration, I explored the empowerment and relationship between our emotional, mental, and physical health and what it meant to be less dictating of it as a separate organ in the body. 

I chose to donate to days for girls an organization providing girls with period products internationally.

Medium: acrylic, pastel, pencil on paper

lululemon lab X christina sicoli for SeaWheeze Half Marathon Run 2019 • vancouver, bc

lululemon seawheeze


As the main freelance visual artist, I designed and created a visual landscape on 12 pieces of Lululemon material. Banners were hung around the Lululemon Lab bringing to life a visual landscape of the SeaWheeze colour palette and overall theme of the marathon.