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As a creator, abstract artist, movement teacher, and actress, Christina Sicoli combines her visual art background with over 25 years of performance experience, blending two of her passions to maintain a distinct and playful aesthetic. A graduate of The Randolph Academy for the Arts, she thrives in the film and TV industries while advancing her career in the visual arts. Her work has been featured in Vancouver Sun, Canvas Rebel Magazine, helloart and select independent boutiques including, “Ollie Quinn”, “One of A Few”, “Nouvelle Nouvelle”, and “KOU Studios”. She’s created commissioned works for both corporate and private collections and her work can be seen in Network shows including, “Good Trouble” (HULU), “Jingle Around the Clock'' (Hallmark) and, “Conversations With My 2-Year Old” (CocoMilk Productions).

My work ranges from small to large-scale pieces, characterized by a neutral base palette that I layer with mixed media and splashes of neon. My process begins by building a simple foundation of muted colors and adding layers of color, texture, and loose “drawn" markings. The fine lines and intricate details in my work add an element of amusement, and the markings are a tribute to a lifetime of doodling. I am drawn to the unconventional highlighting oddities, exploring the uneven, and working with non-symmetrical shapes. I always maintain a sense of playfulness that takes me in unexpected directions. I use thick and transparent layers of paint, which allow the underpainting to shine through with intentional textures. I often use washes to complement or diffuse a color, creating a light and delicate or intricate and complicated effect. My goal is to continue to surprise myself and experiment on the canvas. Continuously exploring new forms of expression, my aim is to infuse a range of narratives into abstract pieces. Leveraging my vast knowledge and versatile arts background, I craft artworks that reflect my profound love for creativity, physicality, imagination, shapes through space, and play. Embracing varied artistic expressions in my creations, I endeavor to offer a fresh perspective in all my works. My intuitive creativity and imaginative expression enables me to navigate various processes, experiment, collaborate with clients, and take creative leaps. I believe the work of imagination both on the stage and screen with the visual medium of painting offers a unique and compelling perspective on creativity. My approach, where painting serves as an outlet for embodying characters and developing narratives, mirrors the multifaceted nature of storytelling in performance arts. It's a testament to the power of interdisciplinary creativity, where the act of painting transcends traditional boundaries to become a dynamic form of storytelling in its own right. Such a process is deeply personal and reflective for me. It allows for an exploration of identity and expression through the lens of various inspirations. There is nothing more freeing than escaping into another imaginative state. I have been drawing, sketching, doodling, painting, pretending, and playing since childhood and will continue to do so. These outlets inform my work and are the mediums that inspire me to be a creative visionary. I always create with a sense of P L A Y. The actress and artist are together in every pursuit.




Canvas Rebel Magazine September 2023

Vancouver Sun - Fashion & Beauty September 2021

We’re always, always fans of supporting local, so you can understand our excitement when we discover these ‘No Drama’ rings by Vancouver designer Christina Sicoli.