ABOUT the Artist

Christina Sicoli is a creator + visual artist, actor + comedienne. Upon graduating from the Randolph Academy for the Arts in Toronto, she continues to pursue a successful career in film, television and the stage. After relocating to Vancouver, she spends time between Los Angeles, and has turned her attention to a familiar childhood passion, visual art. She curates pieces and designs objects utilizing her skills from both her creative background in the arts. 

ABOUT my work

My goal is to bring stories to life through abstract works. I create pieces that encourage a playful connection through personal storytelling and the narrative we explore through our surroundings and vast imagination.

My work varies from small to large scale pieces characterized by a basic palette, layered with mixed media and splashes of neon. My structure is to build a simple foundation of muted colours and layer it with colour, texture and loosely drawn markings. I gravitate towards the unconventional; highlight oddities, explore the uneven, and work with non symmetrical shapes. I entertain a sense of play that will take me in an unexpected direction. I work with thick and transparent layers allowing for the under paint to shine through with intentional textures. I often use washes to compliment or diffuse a colour. Whether it be light and delicate, simple and effortless, or intricate and complicated, I want to continue to surprise and play with exploration on the canvas.

I'm drawn to the intricate details that make a piece of art pop. With the various mediums I explore, The contrast of bold, neon or creamy colours playfully illustrate the shape of a story. The fine lines and intricate details enhance a sense of amusement to each work.

each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo.


My penchant for storytelling on the stage and screen is as visual as the narrative expressed on the canvas. Painting is an outlet to embody the opportunity to be a character and develop a story in a different discipline. My inspirations are constantly evolving which influence a mood within a piece. Whether it be the change of seasons, the grounding of the ocean, the passion of dancing through space, the connection between others, various musical genres, or the revolving styles and palettes of fashion. These inform my work and are the mediums that inspire me to be a creative visionary.

The actress and artist together in every pursuit.



Vancouver Sun - Fashion & Beauty
September 2021

We’re always, always fans of supporting local, so you can understand our excitement when we discovered these ‘No Drama’ rings by Vancouver designer Christina Sicoli.

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