watching the sunset on a tropical island.

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48" x 72" mixed media on canvas

oil + acrylic + watercolor + pastel + graphite + pencil 

From watching the sunsets on a blanket in Kauai to the bonfire keeping me warm, I was inspired to draw from the vivid memories of light plunging into the deep seas of darkness. Where palm trees sway and mountain tops disappear by the flicker of light atop. I often look at past photos of experiences that made me feel calm, happiest, and at ease. When all you hear is the air breaking a branch, the ocean's roar, or a baby frog's "ribbit". Not a thought in my mind, except witnessing the beauty of what's in front of me. 

Due to the size, weight, and custom packaging fees, shipping costs for all large-scale canvas pieces are calculated with a fine art service for a safe + positive delivery experience.  Please email to request a quote.